District Heating Grids


Dramatically rising gas and oil prices have greatly stimulated consumer interest in alternative heating systems. These are good news both for the operator and for the environment. Longdistance heating saves valuable resources, it is inexpensive and very easy and convenient to use.

Waste heat from power stations or process heat from industry are used to heat the homes of the users. Clean, safe, convenient. Long-distance heating reaches the consumer as hot water or steam. Connection to the house heating system is via a district heating transfer station.


The vast number of successful district heating projects we have implemented speak for themselves and underpin CTB competence whenever the issues are the planning, coordination and optimising of the automaton processes for your district heating facility.

A district heating transfer station developed specifically for your individual requirements comprises all the measuring, control and safety features that are essential for efficient no-problem operation. Always tailored specifically to your needs, the district heating transfer station we provide for you is geared to the user convenience of the customer and operates perfectly optimised and maintenance-free.

Our Competences

  • Grid and thermal store
  • Heating control for private household and Commercial heat consumers
  • Solar control
  • Remote data acquisition and visualisation
  • Energy metering
  • Data processing for quality management

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