Biomass Heating Systems

It’s got class,

Clean, environmentally friendly, reliable – exactly what best case energy should be. And biomass for heat and electricity use is fully on course with all of these advantages. Biomass is easily grown and regional availability means it is ready to hand and crisis safe.
Whether it comes from farm waste of specially cultivated energy plants, many different materials can be used in biomass energy production.

Raise the standards, lower the prices? No problem with a perfectly sophisticated automation. We optimise the efficiency of your biomass facility to the highest values with innovative and cutting-edge control methods.

Powerful performance – harmony with nature.

Let’s create vibrant VISIONS together

Working closely together with our customers we plan complete solutions for any task and we always give innovation a priority in our automation solutions. This is how we create the latest in control engineering systems with optimally adjusted hardware as the perfect product for you. Integrated, easy to use and reliable.

Our Competences

  • Furnace systems for hot water, steam and thermal oil plant
  • Exhaust gas treatment
  • Combined heat and power systems (CHP)

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