Biogas Facilities

We step on (BIO) GAS!

Industrial biogas production is developing at a rapid pace. This means the operators are also facing increased challenges for the automation and instrumentation of their facilities. Smart facility control is the key to maximum profit.

This is because a biogas facility can only be a paying business proposition if it is perfectly tuned and when it can be kept in a permanently optimal operational status. This challenge is our business and we are only too pleased to deal with it.

Automation to the HIGHEST industrial standard

Long before you produce the first cubic metre of methane, the success of failure of your project is already mapped out and determined for the future by the correct project planning and the support you get for your project. We accompany you every step of the way from the first planning task through to successful commissioning and we give you the competent advice you need with integrated complete engineering solutions for controlling your profitable biogas facility.

Our competences:

  • Process control and process optimisation
  • Liquid and solid dosing systems
  • Organic waste processing
  • CHP and plant load management

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